Mountain Biking in Oman

Mountain Biking is taking off in Oman. With probably the best terrain and access in the Gulf region to such an environment, it is no wonder more visitors are looking for something different in their holiday.

As one of the first companies to specialise in mountain biking with groups in Oman, we have managed to explore and prepare a number of fantastic routes in the Sultanate, utilising the beautiful and rugged environment.  Our locations include Jebel Shams, Jebal Akdhar, Salma Plateau and As Sifa where we have our new and private GECO Camp.

In February GET ran their first large group multi-day mountain bike week in the Jebel Shams mountains. 20 intrepid students from an American International School in Muscat took part in a 4 day mountain bike experience.IMG_6504  Based at the welcoming and hospitable Jebel Shams Resort, the students were first introduced to the skills required to maintain and repair their sturdy bikes. They were then put through a series of shorter rides aimed at increasing their control and embedding advanced biking techniques. Finally, the students got to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while riding canyon rims and on the last day partook in a long and exhilarating giant downhill ride to the waiting bus half way down Jebel Shams.IMG_6491

An unforgettable biking adventure to look back on, lessons learnt, obstacles overcome, thresholds pushed to their limits and the satisfaction of knowing you can achieve amazing things if you just keep going.

thumb_IMG_0013_1024GET have a range of bikes for various ages and a number of programmes suitable for all abilities and ages 7 to adult. With our sister company Arabian Overland in Oman, we can offer small group tours from 1 day to 7 days. We also offer bike tours in Cambodia and France.  Contact us for more information and options.

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