GECO Camp Sifah

Join us at our own private beach camp at Sifah. The camp is well established with full amenities: bathrooms, tented accommodation, secure perimeter wall and fence, CCTV, and a host of optional activities on offer: kayaking, hiking, trail biking, and more on request.

Our weekend availability is open to all enquiries, plus a range of dates when not in use by our many school groups who visit us throughout the winter season between October and April. 

Getting to the Camp:

From A’Sifah Village T-juntion take the right turn towards the Sifawy Resort.  Stay on this new black-top road, past the new entrance to the resort.  Continue for approximately 6km.  Before you reach a long central reservation, approximately 800m before you reach the end of the road and village, there is a small track leading off to the left.  At this point you can see the camp from the road and the large majlis shade.  Follow the graded track to the camp.

Map to GECO Camp Sifah 1

Map to GECO Camp Sifah 2


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