Global Edventure Travel for adult group tours through our GET Adventure Series: GET Biking, Hiking & Kiting!

After 10 successful years in the school travel industry, GET are in the process of launching their most popular activities and tours with the introduction of the GET Adventure Series:

GET Hiking

GET Biking

GET Kiting

The market for the Adventure Series focuses on adult group and individual travellers looking for a unique adventure activities to our main destinations.  To start the GET Adventure Series we are taking bookings for Oman, one of our main locations offering all three activities in some of the most untouched and beautiful landscapes.  New destinations to follow: Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Cambodia….

GET Hiking…. 

IMG_2515Offering a range of multi-day long distance hiking routes across the Hajar Mountains, our routes can be guided or self-guided, with and without 24 hour support.  The Hajar mountains offer a cultural and historical insight in to one of the Middle Easts adventure tourism destinations.

GET Kiting….

IMG_1477Oman is a hidden gem for kite-surfing, offering a range of locations for world-class conditions.  Crystal clear lagoons and kilometres of empty coastline for wave-kiting the season runs from April to September, an ideal opportunity to escape the heat and enjoy the Middle East in the summer.  GET offers camping options in locations rarely visited or guest house stays for the more popular areas, or a combination of the two, exploring what Oman has to offer.  Our kiting packages do not include equipment at present, but offers guests a full tour package: airport transfers, transport, camping and guesthouse accommodation and more to make your kiting trip one of a kind.

GET Biking….

20181201_113607Continuing our classic adventure tour for keen cyclists, GET can offer multi-day cycle tours for road and mountain bikers.  Oman has been a chosen destination for various cycling events world reknowned: Tour of Oman, Trans-Hajar MTB, Red Bull downhill events and more, hosting some of the best cyclists over the years.  Our routes are tailored to your level and offer the best to experience the culture, history and magical environment of Oman.  Our season starts in October and can run through to the end of April.  The Hajar mountains, wadis and graded tracks will take you from the coast to the mountains, reaching altitudes of over 2000 metres.

Destinations we can also offer our GET Adventure Series:

Cambodia/Vietnam: Biking

Nepal: Hiking and Biking

Sri Lanka: Hiking & Kiting

Jordan: Hiking and Biking

Contact us for more details and booking.