GET Responsible!

As a Destination Management company, GET strives to promote itself as being a Responsible Tourist.

IMG_2452Being a responsible Tourism Company means that we respect the people, environment and places we visit. Our main objectives in promoting this are:

  1. To strive to offer economic benefit to local businesses and communities;
  2. To minimise its impact on the environment,
  3. To respect local people and cultures;
  4. To provide a memorable experience for travellers;
  5. To protect destinations for future generations.

How do GET promote Responsbile Tourism? GET not only provides unforgettable experiences for schools, it also makes sure that the people and the environment being visited are involved. GET attempts to achieve this through the following guidelines:

  1. GET employ local operators, guides and suppliers in the destinations we travel
  2. Training and employment opportunities are provided to local guides, in particular when working with young peopleIMG_2708.JPG*
  3. We use local contractors for transport and where possible use public transport
  4. All of our groups are educated in how to behave when visiting our destinations: respecting the flora and fauna, correct disposal of waste, cultural and religious understanding, water conservation, language and interacting with the local people.
    See our Leave No Trace Page!LNT logo COLOR tm - original
  5. Instead of staying in large foreign-owned all-inclusive resorts or hotel chains, we aim to support the local economy by staying in small-scale hotels where possible, otherwise, the best feasible option is employed.
  6. In an effort to reduce paper use in our office, all of our correspondence and communication, where possible, is done electronically with minimal paper use.

How can you be a Responsible Tourist?

Before you travel:

  • At school, research about your destination – the geography, climate, political history and current news.
  • Learn a few words and phrases of the language

When on your trip:

  • IMG_2592Take photos with care – always ask. Take only photos and leave only footprints when on trails and stick to the path
  • Dispose of waste properly – wrappers, toilet waste, food
  • Respect water and try not to waste – reduce the use of plastic bottles – use one container
  • Interact with locals and your guides – you will learn a great deal about them and their country – ask questions
  • Have fun and gain an experience of a lifetime!

When you get home:

  • Share your memories and experiences and plan your next trip!


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