With global standards of travel health and safety at the heart of an organisations provision, it is important for all involved that policies are in place to support our guests.

When organising a trip there are a number of items which need to be addressed to ensure the safe and smooth running of the itinerary.   We want to be certain our groups travelling are confident in the knowledge that GET has completed its due diligence for each trip.  GET has been working with a number of in-country service providers who have been chosen due to their own high standards of support and provision.  Many of our partners we have worked with for a number of years and understand our policies and requirements.  When and where necessary, training is provided and our group leaders are chosen specifically for their experience in overseas travel with groups, whether schools or adult groups.


Global Edventure Travel: “..aims to create an environment where the possibility for accidents and injuries, is reduced.”

When planning and preparing for each trip GET ensures we “cover all aspects of a venture – from the activities people take part in, to the transport they use and the accommodation they stay in.”

We carry out a risk assessment in each of our destinations with a pre-trip visit to ensure your trip is managed in a safe and secure environment. Our Risk Assessment is provided to each school in advance of their trip to support their own risk assessment.  Our research includes preferred medical facilities within those countries we travel.


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