Health & Safety

Many of our dealings are with schools from an international background with British Standards as the bench mark for health and safety in schools.

We aim to follow British Standard – BS 8848:2014 Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom.

“The British Standard (BS 8848:2014) sets minimum requirements developed specially for UK organisations that offer adventurous activities abroad to make sure that ventures are planned and managed with care…”

IMG_3445Many schools and parents there will have a number of questions to be addressed. Schools will look to us for the answers to queries from parents, and it is our role to ensure we are fully prepared and confident to answer those questions fully.

Global Edventure Travel: “..aims to create an environment where the possibility for accidents and injuries, is reduced.”

When planning and preparing for each trip GET ensures we “cover all aspects of a venture – from the activities people take part in, to the transport they use and the accommodation they stay in.”

We carry out a risk assessment in each of our destinations with a pre-trip visit to ensure your trip is managed in a safe and secure environment. Our Risk Assessment is available for each school in advance of their trip to support their own risk assessment.

To conform to the BS 8848:2014, GET follows its three core principles:

  1. Informed Choice: All risks should be assessed and clearly explained to participants and parents so that they understand what they are getting into before they book.
  2. Single Provider: There should be one clearly identified organisation in charge of the venture to take overall responsibility.
  3. Capable Staff: All ventures should be run by competent and experienced staff.
  4. Preparation & Planning: Policies and procedures put in place to identify and manage risk at every stage of the adventure.


A checklist for parents and participants: BS 8848 provides more detailed information available for schools organising a venture with an organisation such as Global Edventure Travel. Please see the following for more details:

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