Welcome back to our new website and to a new season. It has been a challenging two years for everyone globally and we send our heartfelt wishes to everyone who has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With renewed hope on the horizon we are looking forward to a much needed return to global school travel.

The past two years has seen a complete halt to school travel both locally and internationally, and while we understand there are still many countries suffering from the pandemic, we do hope we can offer some respite for parents and schools who are looking to the next academic year with a positive approach to re-connecting with their students and to once again offer experiences through local and international travel programmes.

As a company the pandemic has had a huge impact but it has allowed us to re-think and direct our energies to reorganise our business and consider a new direction and concept for school travel.

We are still in the process of relocating to our new main international office in France after almost 10 years in the UK. We feel our position in France and Europe will provide us with a wider audience and new destination options for schools.

Our GET programmes in Oman have continued to develop positively during the pandemic, focusing more on domestic tourism, and offering a range of new travel programmes to a new customer base. Combining these new initiatives in both Oman and France, we believe we will continue to grow globally despite the recent set-backs due to Covid-19. It has been encouraging to welcome back some of our local international schools in February and March 2022.

Our previous international travel programmes will continue and we look forward to offer new and exciting options for schools for the coming academic year 2022-2023.